Witch’s Way Year Ahead Reading

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Spiritual practice heals. Reveals. Provides comfort and direction. Helps us stay true to ourselves and connect with the deepest, most resplendent parts of our soul. Gives us perspective into challenging situations. Helps us focus, create intention, and access something greater than ourselves.

Why, then, is it often the first thing to go when life gets hectic? Why do we surrender it when we need it most? Somehow we’ve internalized the notion that ritual and magick aren’t necessary and that they’re an indulgence when things begin piling up on our metaphorical plates.

The Witch’s Way Reading aims to change that way of thinking. Using tarot and oracle, it explores the energies of a twelve-month cycle as they relate to the goals you have for your spiritual practice. Perhaps you’d like to expand your pantheon. Maybe you want to focus on shadow work. Perhaps you’re flexible and you want to see what the universe has to say about how your practice will serve you this year. In any case, the Witches Way Reading is a map that you can use to stay on course throughout the year. It provides insight and ideas that encourage you to be an active participant in the formation of your practice as well as a badass magician and witch.

First, I’ll send you an eleven-point questionnaire designed to familiarize me with your practice and let me know what your spiritual goals are for the year. Once I receive the answers to the questionnaire, I’ll pull a card from the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot by Benebell Wen and The Supra Oracle by Uusi for each of the twelve months. I’ll interpret the cards as they speak to spiritual practice, magick and spellcasting, and ritual, and I’ll relate these interpretations to the information you give me concerning what your practice currently looks like as well as the intention you have to shift or expand it.

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New Moon Forecasts Cover

You’ll also receive New Moon Forecasts 2019, a lunar horoscope collection that provides spiritual, magickal, and ritual guidance and advice for each of the thirteen new moons of 2019. This collection includes a total of thirty-seven journal questions that encourage you to explore the astrological correspondences of each moon through conscious consideration of your psychospiritual growth and development throughout the year.

Due to the popularity, length, and energetic commitment of this reading, please allow 1-3 weeks for it to arrive in your inbox.

I’m super-excited about this offering and I can’t wait to work with you! So much love, Beauty. Let’s Do This!

Witch’s Way 12-month Email Reading (2,000-2,500 words)


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