Three Card Audio Reading

Moon Cycle (32)


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This is a three-card, custom audio reading delivered in MP3 format. Using the details you provide me following purchase, I’ll customize a spread that addresses your specific concerns, then deliver your reading to you within five days.

Each reading is 15-20 minutes in length and includes an HD photograph of your spread. In addition to your reading, I’ll provide information on the crystals and incense used as well as a journal question to help you consider certain insights in greater depth.

I tend to speak fairly quickly, so this reading covers a lot in a short period of time. The tone is professional and informative, yet very personal–you’ll know that I’m speaking directly to you and to your query.

Following purchase, please email me a paragraph or two discussing your concerns or what you’d like the reading to focus on. I have overwhelming evidence to support that the best readings are a product of direct, well-formed questions, so try to be as honest and specific as you can. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve clarity and discover a way forward, and the more I know about a situation, the more I have to pull from.

Much love, and I look forward to working with you!