IMG_8156.JPG“What a wonderful and multi-dimensional reading you’ve provided me with. Thank you! I’m so honored and appreciative…your reading was well-organized, well-written, cogent, compassionate, empowering, offered philosophy and yet also offered very concrete calls to action. It’s a great reading and I hope you continue to develop your tarot studies and metaphysical endeavors. It was an honor to have gotten a reading from you.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot and The Tao of Craft

“I’m a Cancer, and when I clicked over to read my ‘scope for Leo season I had to do a double take. The reading, contributed by Jessi Huntenburg, was soooo applicable to me that I think my exact words were “holy fucking shit.” Seriously, I can’t even describe the levels of meaning I derived from this short but potent AF message Jessi delivered. That’s why I’ve listed her as an honorable mention – technically I didn’t get a “personal” reading from her, but I sure as hell feel like I did!”

Carrie Mallon, tarot reader

“I don’t think that there is a way to describe the relief and validation I feel after receiving my Biz Insight Reading from Jessi. When making my inquiry, I struggled to articulate exactly what I was seeking, and because of that, was only able to give a vague idea. After receiving my reading (in lightning-fast turnaround time, might I add), I had to read it three times over. Jessi hit each and every nail directly on the head with every single card. She was able to shed light on the source of my concerns, fears and insecurities, then gave real, actionable steps to take in order to move through the shadow work involved. Her level of accuracy caught me off-guard, because her interpretations included some details and guidance – nearly word for word – that I had privately journaled recently, but had scribbled out and dismissed. Jessi’s connection is unbelievably strong, and her messages delivered the crystal-clarity that I desperately needed. All this was delivered in a direct, but loving and compassionate language – it felt akin to asking advice from a good friend over afternoon tea. After having this fog lifted, I am already feeling new sparks of motivation. There will never be a day when I won’t recommend Jessi and her incredible gift. Do yourself a favor, and work with this amazing woman!”


Jechanovia, tarot reader and homesteader at Tarot & Thyme

“Jessi is a lovely person, and her reading for me was beautiful. Her interpretations were straight-forward and yet layered and gave me so much to think about. Her journal prompts are incredibly helpful, and her wording throughout the reading made me feel like she was a friend of mine as well as a lightworker. She pulled great insights from the cards that were drawn, and she even said some things that were hard to hear in a way, but necessary, and I appreciate that. The reading also had a fun, encouraging tone at times, so it was very balanced. I received the reading quickly, and it was nicely set up with a good photo of the spread and crystals used. Jessi’s reading was really helpful for me, and I know it will continue to be as time unfolds. I would definitely recommend Jessi and will seek her for more readings in the future! xx”


Sammy, tarot reader at Spirit and Saga

“This was a beautiful reading, each card explained clearly in the context of my question. Jessi “hit the nail in the head” with a lot the reading, and it just made my breath catch in my throat. So on-point! She included a clear HD photo of my spread, the position of each card explained. She also had no grammar errors, which can be a pet peeve for me :-p All in all, a great reading that will help me on my spiritual path. I will definitely be returning to this shop in the future.”

Yari Garcia, tarot reader at Moody Thursday

“Your carefully acquired skill has clearly given your talent well maintained outlets – the quality you’ve given me here puts me in mind of musicians. Good ones are, perhaps, technically masterful; innovative ones are often brave enough, even if untrained, to put forth uncomfortable ideas that feel new. But masterful ones can play something, anything, and send a fire hose stream of truth through the notes which is, to say the very least, an ecstatic and disarming moment. I guess this is my long-form way of saying, thank you for opening yourself to hold space for truth on behalf of others, and for using cards as the tool.”

Ann-Marie, client