Biz Insight Reading

This is a reading for the metaphysical practitioners, the heart-centered business owners, and the side-hustlers who are seemingly compelled by a preternatural force to share their wisdom and gifts with the world.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or have already made great headway in your business journey, this reading seeks to connect you with your most valuable gifts and to provide guidance on how you can best share those gifts with the world. It also takes a look at what needs reworking or releasing so your biz can grow and thrive and serve you well for years to come.

I approach this reading less as an intuitive and more as a coach–my goal here is to look at your current business model and make suggestions based on my personal experience. Although I can speak most knowledgeably to heart-centered and metaphysical business models, I’m also capable of speaking to social media presence across a variety of disciplines.

What You’re Getting

∇ A 1,500 word pdf file /40 minute video file/ 40 minute Skype session

∇ three journal questions for deeper reflection

∇ a summary assessment of your current biz as well as actionable advice for making shifts that will support its growth and wellness

∇ An HD photograph of your eight card spread

∇ Details on incense, deck, and crystals used for your reading

What I Need From You

∇ Details on where you feel you’re struggling in your biz and what you’d like to improve

∇ Links to your website and any social media platforms that you’re currently active on

Please send a paragraph or two including the above information  to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns, and to do so as quickly as I can! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

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Biz Insight Email Reading (1500 words)


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Biz Insight Video Reading (45 minutes)


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Biz Insight Skype Session (1 hour)


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