Spirit Visions Reading

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This reading is wholly unlike any other that I offer—I begin by connecting with your query and use the visualizations I receive to guide the messages I convey. These visions are usually highly symbolic in nature, and I’ll describe the vision to you and offer my interpretation of the vision as it relates to your questions, concerns, and the points of focus you wish the reading to address.

Next, I’ll pull three cards and weave my understanding of the archetypes they depict into the tapestry of the reading. At the conclusion, I’ll provide a series of questions specifically designed to help you explore your reading and guide you towards greater understanding.

This reading is delightfully woo and decidedly off the grid. I slip into an alpha state and make myself receptive to the wisdom of the subconscious/collective unconscious, and the results are often highly resonant. Here’s some feedback I’ve received on this reading style:

“This is amazing –thank you so much, Jessi Huntenburg! The fire metaphor is very prominent in my life right now…as I am going through a purge. A “walk of fire” so to speak. And I think I might have “heard” you…there was a high pitched hum that ran through my ear around 10 min ago which was when you posted. Kinda cool!”

“Thank you so much for this beautiful message from spirits. it resonates deep within, …laughing with joy, because especially Paris, is really a secret dream of mine, the combination of the things I dream of together, makes my heart sing even louder now. thanks for validating I am heading on the right track dearest Jessi.”


Spirit Visions Reading

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