Self-Love Tarot Reading


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So often we focus on the ways in which we fail to measure up and what we need to change about ourselves. F*** that. Here’s a reading that helps you give yourself what you need to feel amazing, because you’re already awesome just as you are.

In this reading, we’ll explore the following positions:

1.What do I need most right now?
2. What’s the best way to go about fulfilling that need?
3. How can I be kinder to myself?
4. What do I need to do to move towards self-loving action?
5. What must I internalize to move towards self-loving thought?
6. What’s my best defense against falling into patterns that are unhelpful?

What You’re Getting:

A 1000 word PDF interpretation

A HD photograph of your spread

A journal prompt to promote deeper reflection

Crystals and incense used to enhance your readings

Because you deserve to come first, and when you put yourself first, you’re better for everyone. I look forward to working with you!

Please include a brief paragraph explaining the obstacles that you’re facing and the focal points that you’d like the reading to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns. Thank you for choosing me as your reader.

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