Rock Your Biz Reading

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Heart-centered, mystical, and spiritual biz folks look no further–this is your tarot reading for 2019. The Rock Your Biz Reading incorporates intentional reflection, informed business planning, and cardslinging wisdom to offer you an experience that’s as delightfully woo as it is practical and actionable. The goal here is to have you feeling as magickal, inspired, and connected as you do prepared, determined, and grounded. Think of this offering as a cup of structure and action plan with an extra shot of encouragement, empowerment and self-reflection–it will give you what you need to get the job done.

How It Works

Upon purchase, I’ll send you a ten-point questionnaire that addresses the goals you have for your business in 2019 as well as a request for links to your website and social media accounts (if you haven’t yet considered your goals, this questionnaire will help you do so in a small, but important way). Once you reply with your answers and information, I’ll pull out my cards and get cracking.

Depending on which option you purchase, I’ll craft a six-month or a twelve-month business forecast using The Moonchild Tarot and the Work Your Light Oracle. Each month will include one tarot card and one oracle card, as well as some light astrology (think new moon, full moon, Mercury retrograde). Depending on the information you provide through the questionnaire (as well as my personal business experience), I may provide suggestions for specific launches, projects, and periods of rest and reflection. Not only will this reading incorporate the wisdom of the cards–it will also incorporate the knowledge and know-how I’ve gathered through research and personal experience. In other words, there will be actionable and targeted advice for you and your business!

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The cover of the Rock Your Biz workbook


Once I’ve crafted the reading, I’ll send it along with the Rock Your Biz workbook. Due to the popularity, length, and energetic commitment of this reading, please allow 1-3 weeks for it to arrive in your inbox. The workbook is what sets this reading apart from others of its kind–it helps you to immediately apply the insight of your reading to crafting a solid business plan for the coming year. Through engaging with the workbook, you’ll…

∇ Calculate last year’s income and compare it with your projected income/income goal for last year

∇ Consider how and why you did or didn’t reach your goal, and how you can use what you’ve learned through experience to create more workable goals and work towards meeting and surpassing them

∇ Reflect on the heart-centered reason you began this business and reconnect with that “why” to bring new life to your endeavors

∇ Synthesize your strengths and passions into products and offerings that find their audience through authenticity

∇ Brainstorm content and product offerings

∇ Plan when to launch or create these products and offerings throughout a twelve-month cycle

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Monthly Planning Worksheet example

The workbook incorporates both worksheets and journal questions that encourage you to critically reflect on your business, create connections between your offerings and your target audience, and plan months ahead. I do want to stress that the workbook is definitely a “you” powered resource–through reflection, contemplation, and applying the advice/insight of your reading, you make the decisions about what you want to offer and how you want to offer it. The goal of the workbook is to get you thinking about the vital components of your business and how you’re going to tie things together.

Due to the popularity, length, and energetic commitment of this reading, please allow 1-3 weeks for it to arrive in your inbox.

I’m super-excited about this offering and I can’t wait to work with you as you make your business dreams a reality! So much love, Beauty. Let’s Do This!

Rock Your Biz Six-Month Reading

(1500 words + workbook)


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Rock Your Biz Twelve Month Reading

(2500 words + workbook)


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