Relationship Shadows Reading


Never are our triggers, our reactions, and our sensitivities so acute as they are within the context of our love relationships. We often find ourselves shocked and horrified after an argument, questioning who it is that we are and wondering who the hell the other person is because things were said and done that were so vitriolic and ugly and so out of character. When you or your partner morph into Mr. Hyde, your shadow selves burst on the scene and spew their nastiness about, often with little concern over how it affects their targets. And even though this is a temporary state and profuse apologies often follow, it can leave you both feeling a little worse for the wear and a little wary over the state of the relationship.

This reading is for the seeker who’s committed to seeing this relationship through. Who wants to hold space for the other and learn more about what’s surfacing. Who wants to plumb their own shadow to discover how it contributes to a challenging dynamic. Who wants to grow and evolve within the context of their relationship and wants to learn how to be a more supportive participant. This reading is not for someone who’s on the way out or who’d rather sit on the throne of their own righteousness–you have to be willing to dig deep and make some shifts in perspective for the reading to be of use!

The relationships this reading explores may take the form of partner(s)/partner(s), parent/child, sibling/sibling, and friend/friend–the areas it explores aren’t reserved for couples alone. If you’re experiencing friction with a parent or a decades-long friendship is on the fritz, this is the reading for you!

In this reading, we’ll explore the following positions:

  1. Insight into the shadows that are surfacing in this relationship.
  2. How are these shadows creating distance?
  3. What are the most common shadow triggers that occur within the context of this relationship?
  4. How am I projecting my shadows onto my partner(s)?
  5. How is my partner(s) projecting their shadows onto me?
  6. How can I work with these shadows to strengthen my relationship and gain a greater understanding of my partner(s)?

What You’re Getting

∇ A 1,000 word pdf / 30 minute video file

∇ An HD photo of your spread (if an email reading)

∇ Details on the deck, incense, and crystals used in your reading

What I Need From You

∇ Details on what you’d like your reading to address or focus on

Please send a paragraph or two including the above information  to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns, and to do so as quickly as I can! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

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