New Moon Reading

Moon Cycle (26)


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The new moon is a time of intention-setting–of communicating to ourselves and to the universe our goals and desires so we can move into the waxing phase with the clarity and direction we need to manifest our desires. When it comes to attracting that which vibrates with our Highest Self, specificity is key, so it’s important to dedicate some time and energy to ironing out the details and setting ourselves up for success.

Perhaps you’re busy–who isn’t!–and you’re finding it difficult to set aside time to process and plan. Perhaps you’re in a transitional phase that’s leading you to question what you want and where you’re going. And perhaps you’re vacillating between two approaches and you’d like to see what the cards have to say. Regardless, the New Moon Reading is the perfect way to help you clarify your intent so that your new moon ritual/workings can be potent and effective.

This is a reading I would spontaneously offer for a limited time whenever I felt that the energies were especially potent or I sensed that my people could use some extra guidance. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to offer it consistently. Its messages are most potent from the waning phase through the new moon phase (the three day period that occurs around the peak), but intention-setting needs no phase to happen–whenever you need a kickstart to shift your paradigm, this reading is useful!

What You’re Getting

A photo attachment of your five-card spread.

Details regarding incense burned and crystal energy present at your reading.

A 750 word interpretation based on the question posed.

Please include a brief paragraph explaining the obstacles that you’re facing and the focal points that you’d like the reading to address to following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns. Thank you for choosing me as your reader.


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