The BLISS WITCH | MONEY e-course helps you transform your relationship with money so you can use your “earthly” resources to bring you joy and fulfillment.

It encourages you to pull your money shadows into the light and examine them. It prompts you to get real about where you are in terms of debt and budgeting. It helps you heal wounds so you can move into alignment with your true worth. It gives you the tools you need to push past limiting beliefs and invest in yourself and your future.

There are plenty of courses out there that promise to build you a six-figure business or to pay off all of your outstanding debt in a year. This is NOT one of those courses.

This is a course that leads you to the root cause of why you relate with money the way that you do while offering pathways towards a healthier, happier, and more goal-oriented relationship with it. In other words, this is a course that gets you in charge of your money narrative and gives you what you need so you can start making your money work for you.


~ you can’t seem to save, pay off debt, or raise your standard of living no matter how much money you make

~ you avoid facing your current money situation because it’s too triggering or stress-inducing

~ you spend money in ways that don’t improve yourself or your quality of life

~ you find yourself consistently unemployed or under-employed

~ you’ve been “stuck” in the same financial situation for years and you can’t seem to move forward

~ you harbor a lot of limiting beliefs about money (“I’ll never pay off my debt. I’ll never buy a house. I’ll never be able to afford what I want.”)

~ you’re a bit of a hot mess when it comes to money and you want to get your act together

~ you find yourself in a similar financial situation as your parents and you want to break the cycle

~ you want to develop an empowering, pro-active, and nurturing relationship with money

~ you want to slough off the “paycheck to paycheck” mentality and start planning for the future

“I am so grateful to heal by your side with this course. Really, thank you for bringing your experience and your own narrative–I feel like I am walking with a friend as I heal.”

Sylvie, Tarot Reader at Lunaison

When you purchase this course package, you’ll receive instant access to seven exclusive videos that provide insight and actionable advice for facing your debt, healing your money shadows, getting organized, and “making love” to money.

You’ll also receive the BLISS WITCH | MONEY workbook with 24 worksheets and/or journal questions that are designed to lead you through a process of shadow work, healing, rebuilding, and goal-setting. Also included in the workbook is the Release and Repair Ritual to help you let go of tired structures and behaviors to prepare you for relating with money in a fresh and nourishing way.