Ascending From Shadow E-Course



Are you finding it difficult to take the next step towards living honestly and resonantly? Do you feel that something more is calling out to you, but you don’t know what it is or how to reach it? If so, Ascending From Shadow was lovingly made for you.

In this eight module e-course, we’ll create a bridge between awareness and action so you can apply what you’ve learned to taking the bold, transformative steps to get you where you want to be.

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∇ Discover how shadows manifest through triggers, projection, and transference.

∇ Fine-tune your awareness of your shadow self with targeted worksheets that help you to create a stable foundation to build from.

∇ Get real with yourself about what’s holding you back and discover ways to work through those blockages.

∇ Create a comprehensive fear matrix to understand how your fears work against you and to form an action plan for working through those fears.

∇ Speak your piece and let the world (and yourself) know what you need.

∇ Learn different ways to open your throat chakra so you can confidently speak your truth.

∇ Release what’s no longer useful to create space for what is.

∇ Gain access to methods of release and ritual so you can create powerful symbols to help you let go and move on.

∇ Expand your self-perception and hold space for yourself to change.

∇ Create a psycho-spiritual room through guided meditation to which you can retreat to feel supported, nurtured, and cared for.

∇ Embrace the desires of your shadow by finding workable outlets and channels.

∇ Face your taboo desires and find workable ways or alternatives to channel or fulfill them.

∇ Get active to build confidence to go after what you want.

∇ Open your creative channels to tell the world you exist.

Ascending from Shadow features a 10,000 workbook with worksheets, exercises, anecdotes, and journal prompts designed to help you apply what you’ve learned through shadow reflection to create meaningful change in your life.

It also includes an exclusive collection of ten videos designed to guide, inform, and inspire you along your journey from reflection to action. Knowledge is only as good as its applied, and your life is what you make it.

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