Why Tarot?

Tarot gives structure to my thoughts and reflections. It provides me a vocabulary with which I can help you come into awareness and make self-loving and self-exalting decisions. It helps me do what I’ve always done, which is help others work through the deep, probing questions.

My journey is far from over, but I’ve traveled far and wide enough that I’ve collected some tools and strategies that I can share to help you connect with your magick and come into your power. Tarot is one of these tools, and I use it as the gateway to share many more.

What is Tarot? How does it work?

Tarot, simply put, is a system expressed through seventy-eight archetypes represented through a deck of cards. Each card represents one archetype, and each archetype represents an element of the human experience. In a reading, the reader considers her sitter’s question as it relates to the cards that come up in a spread and facilitates a dialogue between the two. The chief objectives of a reading are clarity, understanding, empowerment, and healing.

What to Expect in a Reading With Me

What each reading addresses is directly determined by the area(s) of focus you wish to explore. However, I commonly address four elements in every reading:

  1. Your current psycho-spiritual state.
  2. The obstacles or challenges you’re facing.
  3. Actionable advice/insight/guidance to help you work through or overcome those obstacles.
  4. Messages of support and empowerment.

 The main objective of a reading with me is to empower you to take action that speaks to your highest good. It’s to help you cultivate your self-love and to potentially transform your understanding of a situation so you become the chief agent of change in your life. In short, the goal is to help you transition from a space of confusion and uncertainty to a space of clarity and empowerment.

What Does a Tarot Reading With Me Look Like?

First, I deeply consider your question. I highlight the elements that I feel are most revealing, poignant, or important to explore. I consider the tone in which its written (or spoken). Throughout this process, I begin making both conscious and subconscious connections and assessments.

I’ll then set up the reading table and select any crystals that I feel will energetically aid the reading. I light incense, I breathe, and I shuffle. I know that it’s time to stop shuffling when I experience ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

Next, I draw the cards in their positions, and I begin writing (or speaking). Sometimes I’ll pause to take in the entirety of the spread before I do this, but the messages usually begin as soon as the cards are drawn. My reading style incorporates both psychology and intuition–my interpretations will likely be rooted in a strong understanding of psychological dynamics, but will incorporate a few messages from spirit (or the collective unconscious, or the goddess–whatever you want to call the divine). The interpretations for each card will likely reveal an important insight directly relevant to your question or actionable advice you can take in order to work through blockages, move through resistance, or heal.

Once I’ve finished your reading, I’ll send it out to you as soon as possible. Once you purchase, you’ll receive your reading within one week (although it will usually arrive sooner).

What are my Areas of Focus?

Shadow Work and Generational Healing

Integration, Self-Actualization, and Spiritual Guidance

Intention-Setting, Goal-Setting, and Manifestation

Metaphysical and Heart-Centered Business

Support and Guidance for Students and Academics

Support and Guidance for Witchcraft Practitioners

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