I’m in the business of helping you find clarity and step into your power. I work to help you to free yourself from the limiting beliefs that hold you hostage, that tell you that you’re not worth the risk. I base my services on the core belief that you can work through whatever you’re struggling with and emerge stronger and better equipped to meet the next challenge. And I design each session and reading with your specific thoughts and concerns in mind–you lie at the center of the work we do together, and the goal of our work is helping you develop the awareness you need to navigate your experience in a way that feels good to you.

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A reading with me is an in-depth exploration of your outer and inner landscape through the imagery and symbolism of the tarot. Imagine that your question is a flower bud and that each petal is a facet of that question. Our reading process unfurls each petal one by one and examines it. Once we’ve done so, we’re left with a flower that represents the holistic awareness of what’s working for you, against you, and through you. With this information, you’re able to discover a way forward that’s both practical and resonant. By considering both the parts and the whole, you can take the next step knowing that you’ve fully explored what it means and where it may lead.

Your personal psychology definitely comes into play in our readings. That means that we take a look at your shadows and the aspects of your personality that influence how you interact and make decisions. In a relationship reading, we’ll look at how your approach to intimacy influences that relationship. In a business reading, we’ll explore how your limiting beliefs hold your biz back and how your unique strengths and abilities propel that business forward. In a shadow work reading, we’ll do some deep diving into your past and the subconscious forces working through you so you can integrate your shame and fear in a way that’s empowering and cathartic.

You’ll also receive guidance and actionable advice that helps you step into a place of agency so you can shift dynamics that aren’t working for you. The ultimate goal of each reading is to leave you empowered and confident–you are the captain of your ship. You get to decide where it goes.


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One-on-one sessions are dynamic and playful. Based on the answers to a questionnaire I provide you, I create a loose structure for our meeting that seeks to guide you towards insights and realizations. However, your responses and concerns guide our session–its direction is ultimately determined by what’s most important or pressing to you. You’re free to ask questions and respond to observations in real time, so we’re often able to achieve a great deal in a short period of time. Depending on where you are in your journey, our session might be more goal-oriented or introspection-oriented. We might focus on an aspect of a situation rather than the situation as a whole (some things need to be examined more closely to be understood). Either way, you leave the session with a clearer picture of where you are and what you need to work on to break through blocks, take action, or achieve closure.


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Shadow Work and Generational Healing

Integration, Self-Actualization, and Spiritual Guidance

Intention-Setting, Goal-Setting, and Manifestation

Metaphysical and Heart-Centered Business

Support and Guidance for Students and Academics

Support and Guidance for Witchcraft Practitioners

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