Jessi Huntenburg is an intuitive taroist, yogi, and eclectic witch practicing out of Philadelphia, PA. Her approach to tarot is influenced by an academic background in literature and critical theory, esoteric spirituality, and a deep interest in the dynamism of the human experience. Her interest in tarot was piqued around the same time she began performing ritual and meditation, so the two organically bloomed into a dual practice of self-reflection and soul work.

During a period of intense psycho-spiritual work, Jessi felt called to offer her services as a tarot reader to help guide and support others on their journey. Her belief that a personal tarot practice can heal and reveal inspires her to share her knowledge and experience with tarot students and enthusiasts through educational materials found on both her website and Youtube channel.

Jessi contributes monthly tarotscopes to Siobhan’s Mirror and is the founder and administrator of Tarot for Spirit, an online group that explores the intersection of tarot and spirituality. She’s the author of A Ritual of Forgiveness, a free e-book that details her seven-day process of release and closure. She considers her ability to practice tarot a sacred gift, and is truly grateful to share that gift with the spiritual community.

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