New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo: Tarotscopes for Every Sign

Breathe a sigh of relief–the end of eclipse season is nigh.

Depending on who and where you are and what you’ve been working through, it may feel like a giant weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Clarity concerning new directions and next steps is just on the horizon. You can sense the shift in you on a visceral, cellular level–it’s as if the fiery rings of sun opposite moon have cleansed you and re-birthed you. You are the Phoenix personified, ready to start out on a brand new path or a renewed way of being.

You may also feel like you’ve been hit in the head by a two-by-four (hey, that’s how I felt at the end of last year’s eclipse season–we’e all been there). The receptive energies of triple-eclipse happenings and multiple retrogrades woke you up to some serious shit in your psyche, and now you feel the burning need to sift through these epiphanies so you can make sense of them, heal them, and eventually integrate them. The road may seem long and the destination out of reach, but trust me–you’ll find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Use the next six months to work through what needs to be worked through and face what needs to be faced so by the time the next eclipse season rolls around, you’ll be prepared to have your own Phoenix moment.

The energies of this eclipse speak specifically to communication, reflection, and power dynamics. There could be a bit of verbal sparring, but nothing earth-shattering should come of it. Don’t be afraid to hold your own, but don’t be afraid to hold space either. You can make better use of your time by planning and reflecting–think of the long game. Even if you’re feeling the hot, sexy energy of the Phoenix, hold off making any major changes or doing any major launches until Mercury is direct once more. There’s so many small, but significant changes you can make that can have a lasting impact–adopt a daily ritual practice. Begin a dream journal. Spruce up your current living (and internet) space. Spruce up yourself. Make little tweaks here and there that, when taken together, translate to a level-up moment.

And don’t forget to set some rocking intentions: what would you like to work towards manifesting in the next six months?

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Aries—King of Stones


As much as you appreciate an audience, you’ve never needed anyone’s approval to do things precisely the way you want to do them. Embrace your stubborn independence, your refusal to compromise on what truly matters, and your willingness to put up with the bs to reach your goals. Lead by example. Be bold in what you do and say. Show others what a determined person looks like.

Taurus—Six of Bows


It’s been a rough couple of months, Taurus, but you’re finally ready to shift your mindset and change up the way you’re doing things. You want to thrive, you want to feel safety and stability, you want to love deeply and fiercely and you’re ready to do what it takes to make those things happen. It’s time to stop thinking about what you don’t have and how you’ve been cheated and to start focusing on what you do have and on those who love you–everything flows from there.

Gemini—Three of Arrows

IMG_0239This has been a hell of an eclipse season for you, Gemini, and it’s not over yet. You’ve been feeling. Contemplating. Processing. And even though you’re well over these vibes, the work that you’re doing right now is important. This is likely the last throw of grief and sorrow before the heaviness breaks and you feel lighter and more like yourself again. Rather than wish for a different experience, seek to receive the wisdom thiss experience is giving you.



Yin and Yang. Water and Fire. Receptive and Active. This is the balance that this eclipse is encouraging in you, Cancer, and it’s precisely what you need right now. Leo season is teaching you the importance of lightness, brightness, and assertiveness, and it wants you to carry that lesson with you into the next sixth months. Why? Sometime you can be so overcome with emotion that you don’t move forward. Be bold and move forward.

Leo—The Forest Lovers


This eclipse brings with it the opportunity for you to tear down the fortress that walls in your heart. Perhaps you’ve been burned in the past and you’re wary of starting over. Perhaps you no longer believe in the kind of love that supports and sustains. Perhaps you’re tired of trying again and again only to be disappointed. Here’s the thing: love disappoints. We hurt because we care. Intimacy is forgiveness. Respect. Dedication.

Virgo—The Woodward


Creating an intention and speaking it to the universe invites a response–what are you looking to receive in return, Virgo? Think carefully about what it is that you’re putting out there. Think about the areas of life in which you’re inviting a negative response. Consider what you’ve received these past few months and trace those offerings back to their source. If you can find where they came from, you can replicate what gave you desirable returns and abandon what didn’t work.

Libra—The Seer


This is a time of big magic for you, Libra–do what you need to do to look behind the veil and discover the messages that wait there for you. The time is ripe for divination and prophecy (either by your hand or by the hand of your fave reader), astral travel, and ritual work. Even if you’re not the witchy sort, whip out a candle and some incense and make yourself receptive to your subconscious–you’re bound to discover an enlightening thing or two.

Scorpio—Knight of Bows


You’ve really come through this eclipse season with a sense that you’re capable of just about anything. Use the lift of this confidence has gifted you and go out on a limb or two. Begin concocting the plans you want to set into motion and take the preliminary steps you need to begin the process. Just be careful to be discerning in the choices you make and the risks that you take–you’re wearing blinders, so danger might not be readily apparent.

Sagittarius—The Moon on Water


You’ve seriously felt the effects of Mercury’s Retrograde, Sagittarius–you’ve had a lot to think about and a lot to consider, and you’ve been more than willing to engage with these ruminations. If you haven’t put pen to paper yet, now’s a good time. Get clear about what you’re working through. Let your emotions flow so you can fully accept and recognize them. Engage with a shadow or two and show them who’s boss–you’re the captain of your ship and you’re the one who gets to make the decisions.

Capricorn—The Wanderer


The new moon equals new opportunities, Capricorn, and this is your official invitation to make the most of them. Where have you been keeping yourself small? What have you said no to that you know you should have said yes to? How are you compromising yourself in ways that lead to resentment, displeasure, and loss of focus? Now is the time to flip the script and boldly walk your rainbow bridge into the promised land.

Aquarius—Nine of Vessels


You feel full, abundant, and overflowing, Aquarius–pay it forward. Be generous with your time, your attention, your love, your advice. There will come a time when you’ll need to be the one on the receiving end, and when you give in times of abundance, you receive in times of scarcity. And even if you doubt this, believe in the transformative power of generosity–it will bring you a happiness you can only know in this way.

Pisces—Knight of Vessels


You’re being asked to dig deep and channel some serious courage, Pisces. Perhaps you haven’t always stood up for those who need defending. Maybe you haven’t been as loving and loyal as you ought to be. Perhaps you find it hard to commit to a person or a cause, but you’re waking up to how important, meaningful, and rewarding that could be. Just take care to choose wisely–lead with your heart and not your head.

Much Love and Happy Eclipse,


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