You Do What?–Addressing Skeptics as a Tarot Practitioner

My friends and family are a pretty tolerant lot.  Wanna spend your twenties compulsively switching jobs with European sojourns in between? Go for it.  Got a thing for drag shows in dive bars? Totally understandable.  Wanna consult a spread of cards to help you make life decisions? Sur--wait.  You do what?  You're not serious, are you? I'm [...]

Overcoming Isolation With Meditation, Pathworking, and Conscious Action

Ice Queen.  Sharp.  Cold.  Unfeeling.  This seems to be the general opinion of those who shun openness and intimacy, and it couldn't be further from the truth.  People who isolate are often deeply sensitive; their heightened response to social situations leaves them anxious and drained, so they withdraw physically and emotionally to cope. Unfortunately, cutting ties with the community [...]