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You want to break patterns that aren’t serving you. You want to stop self-sabotaging. You want to learn to move through trauma and upset and self-doubt so you can set the world on fire with the amazing force that you are.

You want to do. You want to connect. You want to be the size of what you see.

The keys to unlocking your power are shedding light on what’s hidden in your subconscious, setting intentions that challenge you to move through your fears, and breaking the cycles that keep you from going after what you desire most so you can work with yourself instead of against yourself.

I can help you find these keys. I can help you unlock these doors.

My tarot readings, collections, e-courses, and advising sessions help you answer the difficult questions. They challenge you to plumb the depths of your subconscious. They help you discover new ways to work through obstacles and work towards a genuine expression of self.


“Your reading was well-organized, well-written, cogent, compassionate, empowering, offered philosophy and yet also offered very concrete calls to action.”

-Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot 

“The reading was soooo applicable to me that I think my exact words were ‘holy fucking shit.’ Seriously, I can’t even describe the levels of meaning I derived from this short but potent AF message Jessi delivered.”

-Carrie Mallon, professional tarot reader

“Jessi hit each and every nail directly on the head with every single card. She was able to shed light on the source of my concerns, fears and insecurities, then gave real, actionable steps to take…her connection is unbelievably strong, and her messages delivered the crystal-clarity that I desperately needed.”


“Jessi is truly a remarkable person. The reading I received has been the most insightful reading I’ve had. So much was touched on that I was brought to tears and totally blown away. It was as if she pulled a page from the book of my soul and let me know the things I really needed to hear and focus on. I can’t say enough praise for her.”


“Jessi’s reading for me was wonderful. She not only provided a clear and thorough reading but a picture of the cards she drew as well as all the personal little touches she included while doing my reading. I couldn’t have been more happy with the material and I could tell she put her heart into it.”