Moon Cycle (17)

Our personal revolutions begin when we say “I will not go quietly.”

Three years ago, I found myself bruised and demoralized. I had to confront some really difficult truths about myself, and I realized that fear and insecurity were leading me down a path that didn’t resonate. I desperately wanted to begin living a more proactive, self-loving life, but I didn’t know how. That’s when my journey of self-discovery truly began.

We learn through embracing who we are and working with our shadows.

The path became clear when I began to accept my whole self–that which is flawed, that which is traumatized, that which is brilliant and beautiful just as it is. Tarot and spirituality were the tools that inspired this transformation, and I deeply believe in their ability to inspire yours as well.

We love by nurturing our inner light and sharing its brilliance with others.

I am dedicated to helping you find clarity where there’s confusion. It’s my truest desire to guide you towards the strong, confident, unstoppable self that lies within, and to act with that glorious self in mind. The time to rise from the ashes and begin anew is today–

Are you ready to begin your journey?